Uniting in the astral bands of frequency…where psychological debris, the living speech of the dead, and residual vibrations from a long-gone earth now celestially dwell, SFU emerges as one of the great bands of the 21st century.

Beyond post modern, beyond post prophecy, SFU reigns with an electro-pop palette in tow with a muse’s brush that touches everywhere and everything…Everything that holds us with question and meaning.

Confident in their creations, their encounters, their picaresque adventures amidst the invisible quest for being, they plumb the polarities between soul and psyche, the paranormal, the supernatural, the B-movie, the lusty sultry, the lucid exuberant chants of transcendence, scintillating syncopated metempsychosis and ethereal laments. They are prolific, they are profound, and they love to sing and dance.

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